PGP fingerprint: 4A792049C8DD2B40DA125FE9D6E8C27AC1E025FB (the fingerprint and the public key are posted on the About page)

Version 0.9 20200301 proofs: signed: assets/proofs/ signed: assets/proofs/ sha256sum: 14c00ca6b1604d3ffb2a541589d9cd9bdb4b831f408ad2761c3694a6cf826082

$ sha256sum
14c00ca6b1604d3ffb2a541589d9cd9bdb4b831f408ad2761c3694a6cf826082 *
PS X:\> Get-FileHash .\

Algorithm       Hash
---------       ----
SHA256          14C00CA6B1604D3FFB2A541589D9CD9BDB4B831F408AD2761C3694A6CF826082 sha256sum: 51cfba7ebf4a39c5c7faf51ad6c15717a246bd4ce86320b0f6fed8a376d8679e

$ sha256sum
51cfba7ebf4a39c5c7faf51ad6c15717a246bd4ce86320b0f6fed8a376d8679e *
PS X:\> Get-FileHash .\

Algorithm       Hash
---------       ----
SHA256          51CFBA7EBF4A39C5C7FAF51AD6C15717A246BD4CE86320B0F6FED8A376D8679E

A Merkle tree with the sha256sum in it: assets/proofs/proof.Bitcoin.14c00ca6b1604d3ffb2a541589d9cd9bdb4b831f408ad2761c3694a6cf826082.xml

A Merkle tree with the sha256sum in it: assets/proofs/proof.Bitcoin.51cfba7ebf4a39c5c7faf51ad6c15717a246bd4ce86320b0f6fed8a376d8679e.xml

In these Merkle trees a node is the SHA-256 sum of its left and right child concatenated together. So for example:

$ echo -n "14c00ca6b1604d3ffb2a541589d9cd9bdb4b831f408ad2761c3694a6cf82608214ce50a323a5e98c1f3b62088ebb39943a4a3f4cd9250497d84ae9026b6f5066" | sha256sum
e002808b8cbf16bb6bed1b5a916b7d821e332f1d4a2a37b4ec5d545516f6f2c4 *-

The sum on top of both of these Merkle trees is: b0b51ba9d5f3828b906de7af28c1e0184f289fc5d13c57702f4ab8cc9b8246a9

If you convert this to 51 characters base58, you get: 5KA7LTMtcHk9ZbYqTbvo5HN2WpzhHPw8Ge9MHW9XNTPDGXPw9f4

(You can check this on under Wallet Details. The website is open source.)

If you use this as a Bitcoin private key, your public key is: 1CuH7GSRT7wj5yWn7hJefAJQkDft3dwwJa

Hash of a Bitcoin transaction containing this public key: 8ec8f036253749020dc5e61903ca13563b43c88495f6a4b4c723e36112a6d8b8

This transaction was included in BTC block 619908. The timestamp of the block is 2020-03-03 01:03. The block has since been confirmed.

This is proof that the documents signed by me existed before 2020-03-03 01:03.

You can read more about this timestamping process: